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Colin Richardson

Interesting snapshot of Duffy's life 4 decades ago. Duffy is, I understand, pretty reclusive nowadays, but I will pass your comment to his record label. Maybe they can get it to him. CR


Lost touch with Duffy when I moved from London in the early 1970s. Duffy was living in a bedsit in Ickburg Road, Clapton, East London. He was then playing a lot with harmonica player Paul Rowen. Paul and Duffy would spin records on Paul's Pye Black Box for hours. They revelled in collecting soul imports. Duffy and Paul were great pals and I was a bit lonely, stuck in my bedsit in Stoke Newington a mile or so away, so friendships grew. I wonder what happened to Paul? Duffy and I used to play guitars together a lot purely for self indulgement, happy days. I refused to sell him one of my songs "Where has your loving gone" I must have been nuts but ego ruled back then. He was very fond of his cat which used to get a bit stoned in all the smoke haze! Shame lost touch.

Colin Richardson

Thanks for the update, Peter. Welcome news for all of Duffy's fans out there. Good luck with the CD. CR

Peter Muir

Just to let you know that DUFFY POWER'S album (re-titled TIGERS) is being released on Market Square's label DUSK FIRE this summer. His first new release since 1973 also brings the last recorded performance by the late, great Dick Heckstall-Smith. Housed in a collector's digipack with booklet, the CD hosts fourteen tracks, mostly Duffy compositions but including some lovely covers, notably his take on 'Secret Love'. He retains one of the most distinctive, smokey, sad voices in modern music. He is also one of the most enigmatic artists we have worked with!

Mike Lynch

I had the privelege of intetviewing Duffy on BBC rádió manchester during the mid 1990s when I was aguest playing my top ten records,Duffys version of aint nesc so being one of the tracks. The bbc got Duffy on the phone and we chatted for around 5 mins he was great and We kept in touch for a couple pf years. He sent me his entire back catalogue on cassete tape. He was living in crouch end at that time and recording again. Good luck Duffy. Mike Lynch. Ex major minor,MAM and Polydor records recording artiste.


Have just found It Ain't necessarily So again after nearly 50 years . Easily the best recording of it ever made. Brilliant take. Organ and drums were a total inspiration. Can't stop playing it now.

This guy should have been one of the greatest. Such a loss to the GOOD music world.

david edmondson

duffy power
the GREATEST underrated blues singer EVER and still goping strongJOOLS HOLLAND should include duffy on his show as he ranks up there with the greatest
also an inspiration to the early john mcglaughlin whos extrapolations cd featurs a tune from duffy

david edmondson

when the history books are written duffy power will be one of the great unknowns in the bleus world ( but not by me) duffy without doubt was and is a seminal influence on the blues ofthe 70s and 80s and on john mcglaughlin also ( which speaks for itself|)
so keep swinging and you are always welcome in the lake district no problem
david edmondson kendal cumbria

Steve Cushing

My name is Steve Cushing - I'm posting from the Chicago area. I'm sorry to use the comment space but no contact info is offered to get in touch with Colin. I'm writing a book for the University of Illinois Press - Pioneers of the Blues Revival - featuring interviews with many of the major figures of the 1960s Blues Revival. Several of the interviewees are from the UK. Mike Rowe authored the classic book Chicago Breakdown. During his interview he mentions Melody Maker's Max Jones. You have posted the only photo I've been able to find of Max and I'm e-mailing to request permission to use your Max Jones photo in my book. I'm sorry to use your comment space. Thank you!

colin richardson

Don't know where you got that from blues boy...but, after more diligent research, I have now discovered that he's still very much alive and is even working on a new album. He certainly recorded a track "Sweet again" for the 2003 CD "The Wildlife Album", which will also be included on the new album, "True", which will be released on Market Square in the near (ish) future.

blues boy

He died in a car crash in 1976

Don Stuart

i saw Duffy sitting with the Graham Bond organisation sometime in early 60s. Great gig but shows how old I am

Colin Richardson

Hi Leslie...for one exciting moment there, I thought you were going to tell me that you knew something of his whereabouts.

Leslie Burgess

[cest top] Hello, I live in France and recently met a Dutch D.J. called Peter Van Dam who has a radio show in Holland. I mentioned It ain't necessarilly so and to my surprise, he knew it. I first heard Duffy Power when the record was first released and it stood out amongst all the light weight bubble gum of the time. Great voice and someone who should have become a household name. Sorry that he disappeared but everyone who heard him remembers how good he was.

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