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Colin Richardson

I'll be sure to pass your comments on to Dave, Leonardo. You were lucky enough to see one of their last gigs. Meanwhile, there are always the DVDs and CDs for you to remember them by.
Jon's website has details: www.temple-music.com

Leonardo Viani

When I bought my first Hammond organ in 1969 I spent entire afternoons and nights to learn to play the style of Dave Greenslade. Since then, the Colosseum has always remained in my heart and in my mind. I have seen many of their gigs, the latest was on July 6, 2011 in Soiano (Italy). I am grateful for their wonderful and unique music.

writing jobs

i watched this they were really good and it was hella fun!

Jörg Wulf

It was such a great last show at zappanale...

We did an interview with John Hiseman and he told us right after the gig that it was probably the last one ever:

The site is german, but video is in english... :-)

Clive Davies

Colosseum were a very special part of my life for few years, very fond memories. Had my 18th birthday on tour with them. And my 21st on tour with Tempest. It's sad to think it's all come to an end. Send my best wishes to them all. Clive Davies.

toronto jazz special

I totally agree to you pal, Colloseum was a strong orientation towards jazz-fusion rock and a new lineup.

dougm sewell, nj usa

without a doubt, colosseum was a supergroup before anyone ever thought of putting one together. good luck to all.

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